For SMEs in particular, the question of whether digitisation is worthwhile is an important one.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the digitization and digital transformation of SMEs is: Is digital transformation worthwhile for smaller companies or only for large companies and corporations?

The short and simple answer is: “Yes, it’s definitely worth it”. No matter how big a company is, digital means and ways are always a possibility to improve processes and offers. Even SMEs have great potential to save costs and generate additional sales.

Digitalization offers not only the possibility to connect new business areas and products, but also to establish your own company through innovations. Current trends, start-up ideas and new technologies offer an extension of the own business model and help to make companies future-proof.

SMEs are using a clear strategy for digital transformation. Freelancing resources and constant support by (external) specialists are our top priorities. The initially higher implementation costs are quickly recovered due to the savings in distribution costs and increased sales. In addition, a sustainable transformation can be implemented, which is largely financed by the successes of the change itself.

The path to digitization

In order to successfully implement digitization, various phases must be passed through. First of all, it is important for the company to achieve acceptance for the project at all levels. This is followed by the recognition and seizure of opportunities that inevitably lead to innovations. Ultimately, implementation can only take place when the change is lived in the company. This is the only way to ensure the success of digitization in your company.