We offer training for you and your employees

Further education and training is the most important thing in the course of digitisation. Without a basis and mentoring of the employees, no clear development can be built up. Our training is unique because we know what skills need to be taught in digitization and digital transformation. Specially tailored to the requirements, our portfolio offers a variety of training topics.

Digitisation training

It all starts with the basics – in this day and age buzzwords are used in an inflationary way, but the individual does not know the content and function of these buzzwords. We make you fit in the subject of digitization and explain the technical terms as well as the background and possibilities behind them.

Mentoring of employees

The support of employees is crucial in implementing the digital transformation. Through our mentoring we provide the digital content, adapted to everyone. It should be noted that every employee has different requirements and enthusiasm – which is why we adapt individually to each individual in order to cautiously introduce digital change within the company.

Customized industry-specific training

Not every digital implementation is suitable for every industry – here specialisation and adaptation to the needs is necessary. Our team and network offers you all skills to all areas and ensures you and your industry to understand.

Training Sales and Marketing

The most important link in the company are the sales and marketing teams. It is essential to focus employees on digital sales and digital marketing. Through our many years of experience in these areas, it is possible for us to train sales and marketing honestly and competently.

Training Production and Administration

Production and administration can be described as the backbone of the company. In the course of the automation of the production machines and also the digital change in the office administration, a specially designed training is required. Here we offer you the right concept for training and further education.

Special Topics Training

If something is not listed that you and your team would like to have urgently trained – please do not hesitate to contact us. The network of 361Consult contains a large potential of specialists – we will find the right teacher for you.