Converting processes into digital processes is difficult - we help!

„If they digitize a fucking process, they have a fucking digital process.“ Thorsten Dirks, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland AG

To prevent this from happening to you, we support you in digitizing the “right” process. We help you to understand which processes must first be revised in which form before they can be digitized. By means of appropriate analysis methods, we lead you to the starting point, which enables you to approach the next phase, the digitization of the processes as a project.

We accompany you on an equal footing during the definition of the project, determine the technologies and tools required to enable efficient and successful implementation, and draw up the corresponding project plan with you.

However, successful implementation can only be achieved with the right resources, which we define together in the final step and find in your own company or on the market. We do not follow the conventional role definition, but deal with the tasks at hand and thus look for the most suitable resources for each phase of the project or support you in training your employees with the necessary competence.

We will be happy to accompany you during the implementation of the project and come to your assistance if difficult situations or changes in the project require it.

We accompany you from the very beginning or can also support you in individual phases, such as process analysis, project setup or resource finding.

We have many years of experience in the area of process optimization as well as project and program management and are mainly at home in the financial industry. However, our experience also allows us to tackle processes and projects in other industries with a non-industrial view. With experience in the start-up area we can help you to use the entrepreneurial spirit and the approach of young entrepreneurs for your innovative project implementation.