Digitization is on everyone’s lips. Whether newspapers, news or congresses, the digital revolution, digitalization, digital transformation and much more is talked about everywhere.

But digitization can be more than just a game that needs more attention. The problem is that this word has already become a kind of “buzzword” and many are shutting themselves off from it. It is dangerous when you don’t do anything yourself because of the supposed hype and turn a deaf ear. Many SMEs already have the problem that they are dangerously under-digitized. Numerous studies from universities of applied sciences, universities, business associations, etc. come to the conclusion.

Digitisation is more than just a buzzword

Despite the overuse of the word, it remains one of the biggest challenges to use the new technological possibilities. Digitization is more than just a fashion and can help many companies to reduce their costs, gain efficiency and prepare for the next stage of their innovation capability.

Digital technologies can create new business models, develop new products and offer an unprecedented service to customers. Anyone who misses this opportunity will sooner or later be overtaken by their competitors.

Digital Transformation is the next step forward

When companies deal with digitisation, more questions often arise than answers. The digital transformation should help to put the customer in the center. Using the latest technologies, new methods and a customer-centric approach, new business models, products and services can be designed to pick up the customer in the best possible way.

Thus, digital transformation as a link between the benefits of digital technologies, new customer needs and new business models takes on a whole new relevance. SMEs in particular can usually exploit this potential more quickly, as they are more agile than their large corporate competitors.