We are your competent partner for your digital transformation

We take care of our customers’ needs in great detail. This is precisely why we offer a unique model for your digital success in Switzerland. We have many experts who gather their knowledge into a knowledge pool to help our customers from there. We understand how difficult it is for a customer to know which way to go and where to go on the digital journey. That’s why you get the advice you need and we support your sustainable digital transformation.

You have a single contact person who takes over all relevant coordination for you and helps you not to have to neglect your daily tasks. We take over the project management of the digital projects and the digital transformation, we ensure that the strategy stands and also help with the implementation. Because we believe that a sustainable digital transformation will only take place if it is not started in hiccups, but accompanied over the long term and if necessary adapted.

If projects are rather short-term or goal-oriented, then we are naturally available with our experience of many years within the range of the digitization. Together with you, we make an assessment of the current situation, define goals for the project and help you to use the right resources to make the project a success.



Virtual Employee

Imagine you could have someone in your team of digital transformation, digital marketing, digital sales, social media, website programming, app programming and much more. Do you have that picture in front of you? – This is exactly what it looks like when you work with us. A virtual employee is what you need, sometimes more techie, sometimes more strategist or both together.

Project based work

We are there for you if you want to tackle and implement a specific project. You want to reposition yourself completely on the Internet, need help restructuring your organization or want to develop new innovative business models? – We are happy to help with these projects. Write us an e-mail or give us a call – we are happy to help you with words and deeds!