We help you with the right strategies for your company

There is no “Digital Strategy” anymore, just strategy in a Digital World.

Digitization and digital transformation specifically affect the strategy.  Often people still talk about digital strategies, but it is actually just a strategy in a digital world. Many companies are facing new challenges, new competitors are afraid that technology will make them obsolete or simply want to arm themselves for change.

Digital strategies should be rethought as early as possible and the company prepared. It is important to consider exactly which opportunities and risks exist and where the challenges lie.

We help them with a lot of experience from the digital world to adapt their business models to the changing needs of their customers.

Holistic Digital Strategies

A digital strategy can only be successful if it is implemented holistically. This means that not only operational processes, sales or marketing can be digitized. All areas must be considered holistically and harmonized in order to achieve a successful digital transformation through the digital strategy. It does not help if a company has been optimally digitized, the customer is left out of the picture and doesn’t notice anything about it.
Our offer and expertise give us the opportunity to offer you this holistic digital strategy and we have the right specialists for every area at hand.

Define Digital Strategies

We work with you to develop a new model for your business. We systematically look at the changes in the market, try to understand the customer and their needs and work for you like an external observer. Together with you we then develop a business model based on “Business Model Canvas” or with other tools such as “Value Proposition Design”. We support you in this important step from definition to implementation, because digital business models require agile approaches.

Develop Market and Customer Segmentation

The digital transformation in SMEs often begins to understand the customers correctly. We help them to systematically structure and segment their customers and from this to make the important conclusions for strategy, products, price, sales and marketing. Digitisation means that we can better focus on the customer and should help in the long term to offer products and services tailored to the customer.

Developing a Pricing and Sales Strategy

We consider with you what effect new business models have on your core business. Digitization helps to better address customers and leads to the long-term implementation of more innovative pricing. This can lead to higher margins in the long term and ensure that new customers are won.

Change Management Support

Many companies have a willingness to adapt themselves to digital change, but they have no resources and skills to make these changes. Our team can guide you through all areas of digital transformation and supports you in change management. A possible model is interim management, where we are part of your team for a limited time and support you personally and on site.