Retail has experienced one of the greatest challenges in recent years. Online trading and new platforms have completely changed the world of retailing. Customers have become accustomed to shopping 24/7 and to finding information such as recessions, reviews, videos and product descriptions to support their purchases. This change in customer behavior has a strong impact on offline trading. Classic retailing has not evolved from the single channel. This means that only one channel is used for sales, such as a retail store. But the trend is not only developing towards multi-channel, e.g. online shops and shops, but also towards Omni-Channel. Omni-Channel is about using as many channels as possible to create a consistent customer experience. Customers want to have a consistent experience regardless of which channel, i.e. website, shop, social media, telephone, etc., and do not want to worry about missing connectivity themselves.

Omni-Channel Strategy

We help establish a sustainable strategy for a unified omni-channel experience for your customers. We analyze the requirements of their customers and optimize their infrastructure to create a better customer experience.

Social Media Selling / Social Selling

Especially in the consumer goods sector, social media is an important element for successful sales. We help to build the right channels and support the implementation of such strategies.

Digital Transformation in Retail

The changes in customers and technologies present many companies with major decisions. Together with our knowledge, we develop suitable models to realign your business.