One of the most important employers in the world is the manufacturing industry. Due to its manifold presence in all versions, it belongs to the backbone of the economy.

Industry 4.0

To make production smarter, more monitoring of production steps, implementation of intelligent sensors for better maintenance or the use of data for better planning. Especially in industry, new technologies have a great influence on the way they work.

Business Models

Topics such as blockchain, 3D printing and the use of big data can change the business models of entire industries. Requirements for increasing personalization of products and the combination of customer wishes and means of production can have major implications for production. Through digitalization and possible specialization, it is possible to operate across industries. Products, products, machines, etc. become interesting for other markets, resulting in completely new approaches in digital sales.


Together with you, we evaluate important trends and help you to set the right strategies when it comes to new technologies and challenges of Industry 4.0.