The gastronomy is facing a changed customer in many areas. Digitization has led to the ratings, online marketing, and the local findability on Google Maps etc. becoming a decisive factor. Customers want to find companies easily and want to find out about the location beforehand.

Websites, social media and local online presence are only individual elements to consider. It is primarily a matter of creating a good feeling for the customer and building trust. Digital media help enormously and who is occupied with it will be able to fill his enterprise sustainably better.

Create a website

The basis for all online campaigns is always a well functioning website. We help you to reach customers whether they are on the move or at home. For this it is necessary to specify the needs and to define exactly how the company should position itself.

Social Media Strategy

Wherever you are, everyone is on the go on social media and uses this to publish recommendations or gather information about a company. Terms such as “food porn” or “travel porn” have become indispensable in the gastronomy and hotel industry. Customers use Instagram, Facebook and Co. to share their experiences and impressions. If you can use this to build a community, fans are sustainably generated who take over the marketing for you.

Individual solutions for digitization

Apart from the basic elements of a digital strategy such as a website and online presence, it is important to recognize that there is a very high potential for individualization in the gastronomy and hotel industry. We help them find out their digital DNA and develop concepts to inspire their customers and make better use of the technology operationally, for cost savings and for new customers.