Current status

Several thousand companies in the DACH region are facing succession planning in the next few years. More and more often, successors are no longer found in one’s own families and companies are thus for sale or even before they are finished. Over the years, much has fallen asleep in the companies, as the market and sales have never given rise to action. Many cannot keep up with the constant technology and are far away from a digital strategy including its implementation. Employees are also not prepared for the new working methods and are therefore more likely to be afraid or averse to digitisation. Large international companies and holdings are very interested in acquiring companies and thus building up a market representation here in Germany.


In such a takeover not only the turnover and the number of customers play an important role, but also how modern the company is positioned. This can have a large influence on the type of takeover and the amount of the takeover price. In addition, jobs and continuous operation at a profitable and modern company are ensured.  Digitalization can make a difference here and is an enormously important step for future orientation and positioning.


Together we awaken slumbering potentials, develop existing processes and design new processes for a smooth digital transformation. Points that have emerged in the analysis are conceptually drawn up and prepared for the digital strategy in a resource-saving manner – no goal without a clear concept. This also includes the possibility of finding new business models and approaches to ensure digital growth. Succession planning from the point of view of digitization means adapting to the new challenges with heart, bits and bytes.


We help you to prepare your company for a possible succession in digital terms.  We advise you on the most modern technologies and which you can use to prepare the company for a successful takeover. In the same way, we take your employees on board every step of the way so that fear changes into joy and jobs can be maintained in the long term and organic growth is created.

Should it be possible for you to hand over the business within the family, we will also accompany you during the takeover and help you to implement it digitally.