We help you to finance your projects and to initiate or accelerate the digital transformation

Through our network we bring you together with potential investors. We are in cooperation with investment funds that invest in innovative, stable and future-oriented companies over the long term.

This gives you a symbiosis of fresh ideas and fresh capital, which helps you to drive your project forward in a timely and sustainable manner. In this way we help you to make your company fit for the future, to maintain jobs and to create new jobs in the long term,

Talk to us about the possibility to set new growth impulses by using innovative digital technologies, creating new markets and automating processes.

Investment und Digitalisierung für neue Geschäfte Wir finanzieren ihre Zukunft und ihr Geschäftliches vorankommen

Awesome ideas, controlled change managment, many years of experience paired with the necessary capital means sure success for your digital transformation!

Possible Options for Investments

Forms of financing

The investment funds, with which we work in partnership, provide capital in various forms for innovative, future-oriented companies.

Possible forms of financing are:

Mezzanine capital A mixture of debt and equity, an interesting form of financing, especially in expansion phases.

Participation in the company: A participation in a company not only brings fresh capital, but usually also new know-how to the company. The level of participation always depends on several factors, which we would be happy to discuss with you in a personal meeting.

Thus, different participation possibilities are available. We would be happy to work with you to analyse what is the right option for you.

Financing Terms

The basic prerequisite for financing in this form is that the company (SME) has a track record and is already established on the market. However, our partners finance independently of the industry.

  • Investment amount min. is 500,000 CHF/EUR
  • The company has a long-term orientation
  • The company has a promising business model
  • A clear business plan and/or strategy is in place
  • The management is ready for change / growth / modernization
  • The company is looking for a long-term partnership

Get in touch

We use all your data confidentially. After you have filled out the form on the right, we will be happy to contact you to discuss further details.

We ask you to describe your project as precisely as possible in the form or to upload a summary of your project. Of course, we also understand if you only want to provide a few details for reasons of discretion. Then we would be happy to discuss this with you personally. We are looking forward to it!