The constant change in technology does not stop at real estate and the housing industry. Rudimentary building automation and intelligent control of e.g. heating systems are state of the art, but the arrival of Internet of Things (IoT) offers completely new possibilities and challenges. In view of security, convenience and long-term planning, it is essential to focus more on digitization and digital strategy in this industry.


Nothing is more important than security in real estate. Due to technological change, a lot has happened in the miniaturization of devices. What used to be the camera on the fence is now an army of IoT devices and firewalls. We help you to use the respective equipment and to choose the right means.


The right climate at the workplace and in the home always comes to the fore through the use of technology. Experts have found that this awakens more potential in people and makes them feel more comfortable. Comfort also means, however, when the building or the living unit is completely autonomously controlled and the users do not have to set or even program anything.

Energy and ressources

This resource is the topic of discussion today due to the constant climate change and rising prices of raw materials. Starting with saving energy through the use of intelligent sensors and actuators, all the way to internal energy generation, the way to energy self-sufficiency is clear. Possibilities through solar energy, battery buffers in the basement, joint small power plants etc. are already given today and technically mature. The upcoming wave of electromobility requires a large amount of these resources. In line with building automation, intelligent control is required to achieve these goals.

Long-term planning

Objects and housing units that have already been prepared are worth more in the future and are far better equipped for digital change. For example, the use of fiber optics as a basic medium for data and media transport is one of the possibilities. Included is the pre-selection of the right components, interfaces, hard-/software and the platform, so that the property is still up-to-date and updatable in five to ten years.


By optimizing energy and long-term planning, a ROI can be achieved relatively quickly. Real estate that is technologically at the cutting edge quickly pays for itself.