Digital sales are about more turnover but also more customer friendliness

One of the most important points for many companies has become sales. Customers have different behaviors and, due to increasing digitization, all segments are already affected. It has become unavoidable to cover various channels such as online shop, offline shop, social media, e-mail, apps and much more. This change from classic sales to an Omni-Channel sale can be an opportunity but also a danger for many companies.

Together with you we develop a strategy that is designed for your needs and your future, with the best means to satisfy your customers. During your digital transformation, we pay attention to the customer journey and the specific requirements of your industry.

Strategy for digital sales

We work with you to develop a strategy to improve your existing sales and to make it easier for customers to purchase your products. We draw up a plan of possible sales channels, digital tools and which systems can be used to achieve your goals.

Customer Journey Mapping

In order to better understand the customer and ensure a uniform approach across all channels, we create a customer journey together with you. This then makes it possible, with the help of various starting points, to coordinate one’s own sales more purposefully with the customer and to create a better customer experience with the help of digital tools.

Market and customer segmentation

We help you to better segment your customers and thus to be able to address them more precisely. By dividing the market as well as your existing and potential customers into suitable segments, you get an overview, can work out corresponding offers with us and can finally sell specifically. This not only increases your understanding of your customers, but also of your turnover.

Pricing and sales channel analysis

New pricing models and optimized sales channels will make it possible to strengthen sales. By analysing the possibilities and potential use of new distribution channels, we can generate new added value that can ultimately lead to higher sales and even profits.

Content Marketing – Convincing customers with information

Customers no longer simply want to buy, they want to be informed and stay. With the help of content marketing new customers can be convinced with information about a product and be bound to existing customers. However, it is important to stand out from the flood of content that your customers receive today and to show them the solution to their problems. Together with us we develop the content marketing strategy to convince new customers of your product and to retain existing customers with relevant contributions and information.

Social Media Selling / Social Selling

Social media channels have increasingly developed into profitable e-commerce channels in recent years. With the right application you can increase your sales via social media. It is important to understand which social media channels your customers are on and what concerns them the most. With the right approach, you can develop and implement a successful social media selling strategy, and we will help you to do so.

Analysis of digital marketing measures to support sales

Analysis tools such as Google Analytics help companies to examine and understand the success of their online sales campaigns. The goal of these tools is not only to understand the results, but to align the marketing campaigns according to the sales success. With our experience we help you to make the appropriate preparations, to collect the right data with the right tools at the right time and to evaluate them accordingly. We show you how you can use this information for a successful sales strategy.