Many specialists and only one contact person - your virtual employee

Virtual Employee Model

Imagine you could have someone in your team of digital transformation, digital marketing, digital sales, social media, website programming, app programming and much more. Do you have that picture in front of you? – This is exactly what it looks like when you work with us. A virtual employee is what you need, sometimes more techie, sometimes more strategist or both together.

Why a virtual employee?

We adapt the needs to your challenges and you have a calculable monthly amount with which we implement the transformation. We adapt flexibly to the challenges and prioritize the measures that are important to you or that also promise the greatest return on investment (ROI). The advantage for you is that you do not create additional fixed costs with personnel, but we adapt our services to the environment and the task. Thus you have flexible specialists who also carry the knowledge about the digital transformation from the outside into your company. This ensures low project costs, high efficiency and flexible result-oriented digital transformation.

What project roles can we take on?

We can take on all relevant roles for you when it comes to your digital transformation. Our team and our partners have a complementary structure in order to bring you all possible advantages. Whether you need programmers, designers, digital consultants, process optimizers, strategists, tech specialists, SEO experts or e-commerce specialists, we can assist you and you have only one contact person to coordinate everything for you.