We build the right workshops for your success

Whoever tackles things where others first talk has a head start in life.

John F. Kennedy

This is our guiding principle. Our goal is to show you possibilities and to discuss them with you. We not only listen to you, we understand you. Together we explain where your strengths and weaknesses lie and define a meaningful and implementable strategy with you. We focus not only on you as a customer, but also on your customers in order to work out the best possible and individual solution together. We will only be successful together if your customers are satisfied. Digital transformation starts with implementation and is best in workshops.

This recipe for success has already inspired many customers. This also includes various workshops that we offer to take the next step in digitization together with you and your team.

Defining a digital strategy

We conduct a series of workshops together with you and your team to determine the strategy and your next steps into the digital world. We help you to consider the most important points, to understand your customers and to set up the most suitable digital strategies.

Workshop for brainstorming & brainstorming

You need help to develop new and innovative ideas? We help you to develop new products, go other ways and assist you in a guided brainstorming session.

Determining the most important buying personas

Together with our specialists you will determine the important buying personas. These help you to target your audience both online and offline. We support you in the process and also give tips on how best to use these personas.

Social Media & Social Selling Workshop

You need support to build up your social media channels or to sell them with the help of social media? We design personalized workshops for you to train you and your employees and to jointly develop a strategy in which the employees are included.

Content Management Workshop

Through targeted placement of relevant content, you can win new customers and build up your own expert status. We create a suitable plan with you, how you design content management, how you create new content and where it makes sense to place it. With our know-how you can place yourself as a smaller company as an expert.